Sixth Grade



Ms. Downey
My name is Nyomi Downey and I teach sixth grade science and social studies at Copper Basin Elementary School.  I have been teaching at Copper Basin for ten years.  I graduated from San Diego State University.  My family and I moved out here from San Diego, California.  We bought a home in Johnson Ranch where we live with our two dogs and two cats.  I have two children that attend Copper Basin....Owen who is in 6th grade and Olivia who is in 5th grade.  We love the outdoors and thought Arizona would be a great place to move to.  I really like it out here.  The sunsets are beautiful and there is plenty of outdoor activities for me and my family to enjoy.  I have been teaching for about 14 years.  I always knew I would be a teacher.  It all began when my grandmother got me a chalkboard when I was six years old.  She encouraged me to read every day and to read to others like my younger sisters.  I taught first grade for many years here at Copper Basin.  I recently moved to sixth grade science and social studies so that I could teach the two subjects I am most passionate about.  In addition to hiking in the desert with our dogs, my family and I also like to go off-roading in our T-Rex.  Two of my "must haves" in life are coffee and chocolate.  I like to drink coffee and eat chocolate on a daily basis.  I always keep some type of chocolate in my classroom for fear I will turn into "The Hulk" without it.